Pullman at a Glance: National Parks in the 21st Century

When you think of National Parks, you probably think of parks like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, both spacious parks of natural wonder that receive over 3 million visitors per year each (the Grand Canyon hosted nearly 5 million visitors in 2014!). In recent years, however, the Park Service has been garnering more Historical Parks, or parks… Read More Pullman at a Glance: National Parks in the 21st Century


Interested in exploring by place? I have written blogs from my home town as well as many of the places I’ve traveled. Here’s a round-up of my favorites! Find things alphabetically by state or check out the non-place-based blogs (including blogs about Frank Lloyd Wright) at the bottom. Happy exploring! Alaska Architecture on Alaska’s Dalton… Read More Explore

Find Your Park

The National Park Service has organized a fantastic campaign called “Find Your Park.” It is well-known news by now that National Parks have a youth problem: just at Yellowstone National Park, the average age of visitors is 54. This trend includes the employees. Only 7% of employees at National Parks are 29 or younger. This… Read More Find Your Park