Ode to Millenium Park



Despite my being an architectural historian, my favorite parts of Chicago are far and away the parks. I am lucky to live near Lincoln Park and on my frequent trips to the Loop I almost always make a detour to walk through Millenium Park (or I’m headed there for one of their evening concerts!). Believe it or not, while much of Chicago’s park and boulevard systems have a lengthy history, Millenium Park and the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture (known fondly as “the Bean”) date just to 2004. The outdoor concert venue and pedestrian bridge were designed by–you probably guessed this–Frank Gehry, himself. He is well-known for his buildings of curving metal (I featured Seattle’s EMP here, now the MoPOP). Do you have a favorite park in Chicago or your home town?






2 thoughts on “Ode to Millenium Park

  1. “The Bean” only dates to 2004?! That’s surprising — it’s so iconic, it seems like it’s been there forever, doesn’t it? Thank you for this lovely take on Millennium Park.


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